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Make more people as happy as you have made me

“Just a letter to say thank you once again for the guitar, as suspected most of my spare time is being drawn towards it. With most other things in life that involve learning it’s usually the opposite effect but the Bellucci won?t let me put it down. When working on it I don’t look at the clock to make sure I’ve done enough, I look at the clock to make sure that I’m not over doing it, (the clock is then usually ignored anyway and I just carry on).

“What I think contributes to this effect is not just the immaculate beauty of the instrument or the amazing tone of the cedar and rose wood, but (for want of a better word) the exclusivity. The instrument numbered at only 217 makes me feel that for one of the first times ever I?ve got in at the start of something good. I feel privileged to have happened upon your web site whilst looking for an instrument, the pleasure derived from the guitar has taken me by complete surprise. I hope your business does well, and you can make more people as happy as you have made me.

“Many thanks”
Ian Harding, Suffolk, 25/9/2006