About Us

Classical Guitars PLUS is part of a family-run business. It is run by me, Nicholas Mahoney. I have played the guitar now for over 50 years.

Now in the Covid age we have reluctantly had to re-think our business. We are not in a position to welcome visitors as we used to do but don’t want to be defeated in these difficult times.

By shear coincidence, the computer/web-server which powered our on-line business decided this was a year for it to have a crisis too. It has served us diligently since 2005 but we cannot continue with it now. So we now have three web sites

From here to the bottom is our “corporate mission statement” dating from 2005 –

We stock a range of quality classical, flamenco, electro-acoustic and acoustic guitars as well as accessories which must by now be among the most comprehensive – not to mention interesting – in the UK. There are models for the beginner, for the enthusiast and for the professional. We have guitars from makers around the world including both some of the largest and some of the smallest specialists.

As an internet shop we sell guitars and accessories both nationally and internationally. It has been a great experience getting to know players from so many countries.

Our driving business principles are to offer specialist advice, service, choice and value for money. We are extremely proud when we receive compliments and publish these on the site.

Classical Guitars PLUS operates as a “department” of Plus Online Stores Ltd, a company owned jointly by me and my wife, Claire Hodgson. While I run the guitar side of the business, Claire runs the other 11 internet shops – I’m sure you will agree that this is a fair division of labour. When we started in 2005, we expected to have 12 internet shops but Classical Guitars PLUS has grown in such a way that it had to be a “real” shop as well. Because Plus Online Stores Ltd handles all the administration and finance, you will see its name on emails and invoices from Classical Guitars PLUS as well as on the bottom of every web page.

Please remember that you are very welcome to come and visit us in Devon; we are in a very picturesque part of the country near Dartmoor and many of our visitors combine seeing us with a family holiday. Our showroom/studio is located in an ancient water mill and we extend an open invitation to customers to leave the beaten track and pay us a visit. All we ask is that you phone in advance to agree a day and time – we give visitors our undivided attention but only have room for 1 at a time at the moment (though small groups of friends visiting together is absolutely fine – just a bit of a crush!!). You can feel free to try out any or all of the guitars we have in stock in an unhurried atmosphere as well as have some refreshments if you need them!

“Thanks very much for the hospitality”
Jim Tabbot 29/07/2006

If you can’t visit, feel free to phone and get the same unbiased and unhurried advice.

Nick Mahoney, Natson Mill, Devon, 13th November 2009