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Adjusting Classical Guitar Action – How do you know how much to reduce saddle height? (adjusting string action series)

Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve managed to get my guitar setup so I am very happy with it.
I changed to some extra high tension strings and sandpapered the saddle to when the buzzing just started to happen with the lowest string tuned down a tone.

SD, 11/1/2021

Many thanks for letting me know. That’s a very interesting approach – the de-tune to help identify the point at which the buzz is about to start before it actually does. Suggests you have a lot of patience to repeatedly take the saddle out and sand a little bit more.

Lacking patience, I try to do the job in one go – I play and take quite accurate measurements and then make a judgement of what height the saddle should be and then file it down by a precise amount in one go. The limitations in my approach are that guitars vary – the same action on two different guitars can lead one to buzz and the other not depending on the exact shape of the curve of the fingerboard – and players vary – 2 players on the same guitar can buzz or not depending on their style and technique.