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Arrived safely yesterday as promised

“The guitar [Esteve 9C/B] arrived safely yesterday as promised … What a beautiful instrument it is. Needless to say that I am highly delighted! I love the resonating bass and the sweet treble. This is a guitar that really responds to your playing, providing a myriad of rich and mellow tones, and I am sure there is far more for me to discover yet. Your choice of string height was perfect – the action could not be better and will help me greatly in the transition from steel to nylon. I am already finding the Esteve easier to play than my steel strung guitars. Being a newcomer to the world of classical guitars, I cannot thank you enough for the time and trouble which you took in dealing with my enquiry and for the sound advice which you gave to me. I never thought that I would buy another guitar without trying it first but I needn’t have worried. From the information which I gave to you over the telephone, you have provided me with a guitar which suits me perfectly and I know that it will provide many hours of pleasure for years to come. Thank you once again. Regards. “
John Clark 24/10/2009