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Can you fit Nylon Strings on Steel String Guitar?

Dear Sir,
Will the La Bella 2001 classical guitar strings fit my full size Boozey & Hark "The Hark" jumbo guitar. Grate for your advise. King regards, KS, 11/1/2021

Several things to say about this –

  • Check the scale length of the steel string guitar – it will probably be 65cms or very close. If it is, then standard nylon strings can be used.
  • Steel strings usually have a “ball” end which helps hold the string in place in the bridge with the bridge pins. Nylon strings do not have the ball and so you will need to tie a ball (repeatedly tie a knot over a knot) at the end of the nylon string so that the pin will secure the string in the bridge
  • Use a “high tension” nylon string – nylon does not have so much energy in it as does a steel string and the soundboard on a steel string acoustic is generally heavier than on a classical or flamenco guitar. Even a high tension nylon string will not give a lot of volume on the steel string guitar, but a medium or low tension string will give even less.