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Choice of strings for drop tunings on Nylon string / classical guitar

Dear Richard

Yes, a “high tension” string is a likely to be a better choice than a “low tension” for the reason you said.

The La Bella 10-String Classical Guitar Set 10BT, 10MT comes to mind as it has 4 additional bass strings.

Another thought is to use “Extra hard tension”; The D’addario SCX-3B set contains 3 such bass strings.

Hope this helps, let me know either way…

Nicholas Mahoney
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On 18/03/2021 22:47, Richard Youngs wrote:
Hi Nicholas, 
I am experimenting with tunings on my classical guitar, frequently down-tuning several strings an entire tone – the lower E has been as low as a C. Can you recommend a string set that would suit this? Am I correct in thinking I should be using high tension to avoid the strings being too loose? Any brand in particular?
Thank you,

Richard Youngs.