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Cordoba Special Set-up


All guitars are thoroughly checked, played and set-up before they leave here.

Custom Set-Up

We also offer a Custom Set-Up service for Cordoba nylon string guitars which gives improved tonal and dynamic range and a choice of string action.

  • We fit composite or carbon strings for a tone which is both bright and fullsome.
  • We fit Rosette Diamond Secure String Ties to the treble strings to improve the break angle and so increase volume and the quality of the tone.
  • We re-set standard neck relief with the new strings fitted and at this stage adjust the saddle height to give a choice of string action.(String action is set +/-0.2mm; please note temperature and humidity changes affect string action; lower than standard action can cause unwanted string noise/buzz but this varies from guitar to guitar and player to player).

If you have additional or other set up requirements, please phone.