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Customs Duties and Other Import Costs

When a guitar from us is sent to a customer in a country outside the EU then the customer is responsbile for import duties and related administrative costs. These duties and costs are usually levied by the courier in the country concerned and reclaimed from the customer on delivery.

If you want to know how much these will be then you should – 

  • Ask the customs authority in your country (tell them what you are importing and how much you are paying for it (including case, accessories, and the delivery costs)
  • Ask your local branch of UPS or other reputable courier service how much any administration charge is likely to be

We ask customers to tell us how much they have paid and from time to time publish this information here as a guide.

  • USA, October 2009
    “here’s the deal – e – o….
    your invoice to me was 407.61 pounds
    i was charged by my credit card $664.02
    i also had to pay $52 to the parcel service (UPS) 
    so for $716 i get a guitar that sells here for $1000, if you can even find one
    so thanks again, i love this thing, yahoo ! Jeff Dingman
  • USA, October 2009.
    Total cost of guitar + case + insured shipping £3600 (excluding VAT)
    Total customs / import duties / local administration costs £330 (US$493.13)
    Customs / import duties / local administration costs 9.2%.
  • Australia, June 2009, Total guitar, case and shipping cost £951. Total customs and administrative costs £260 (27%)
  • Australia, January 2009, Total guitar, case and shipping cost £738. Total customs and administrative costs £151 (20%) (“This included our GST (VAT) of 10% of the declared value of the guitar, a customs fee of $50 (about £23), quarantine fee (you can never be too careful.!) of $50, import duty of $65 (about £30) (because the item was valued over $1000 about £460) and misc fees of $10 (about £4)” wrote our customer.)
  • Norway June 2009: “…there is no import duty on musical instruments. I have now received the bill from DHL for the MVA (VAT / Value Added Tax) on the guitar that I received from you. As expected I had to pay 25% of the invoice sum. There is MVA on the transport cost too. And they charged NOK 340,- for administration. That is approximately GBP 32,-“

Please note that we do not charge VAT (our “sales tax” at 20%) when we sell to customers outside the EU.