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Free Set Up On All Guitars

All guitars we sell are checked when they arrive here from the makers and again before they leave. We do this because we want satisfied customers who come back again and recommend us to others. We do not want the guitars to come back because they are not up to scratch!!

We check the set up on all the guitars as part of this process and on arrival we “pass” all instruments where the neck relief and action fall within standard conventional tolerances. Typically we expect to see fingerboards which have just a little relief and string action which is around 4mm/3.5mm on classical guitars and 2.5/2mm on steel string guitars.

Some players have their own views on these matters and we are more than happy to accommodate these. We can provide advice and suggestions on the best compromise between playability and fret noise that is the central issue when setting action on any guitar. The answer is always an individual one that varies with players’ different playing styles.

Adjusting neck relief (where this is possible) and adjusting action is a free service we offer to all our customers, whether they buy in person, on the phone, by email, or over the internet.

When we are asked to deliver a guitar we always phone or email before booking the courier to agree the most suitable day for delivery with our customer. It is easy enough at the same time to talk about set up requriements.

Please phone or click “Contact Us” to send us a message before you buy if you have any questions or concerns about the set up and suitability of the guitar you are considering.