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Guitar with a little more resonance but still ‘flamenco’

Hi Nicholas, I hope all is well. You might remember I bought a Hanika KF from you some years ago, a great recommendation from you and I play it most days. I sometimes want something with a little more resonance but still ‘flamenco’ if that makes any sense, and I like the demos of the Yamaha (I realise the miking of the recordings has a lot to do with it).
I guess if its on your site then its better than ‘OK’! or would I be better looking at something else?


Yes, I see you bought the Hanika KF in 2015. Good to hear it gets a daily outing!

it is always a little difficult to know how others hear and describe the tone or quality of sound of a guitar so your “resonance” might not be mine and vica versa. I’ll do my best though.

I do think the Yamaha is a very good starter flamenco guitar. However, to my ear, I would say it has less resonance than the Hanika you have already.

If you were looking for something which had some of the Flamenco crispness of tone but a little more sustain and a slightly more complex tonal quality, I would suggest looking at a guitar with a slightly deeper body but with a maple back and sides.

The following are possibilities –

Hanika 50 AF

Hanika 52 AF

Hanika 56 AF-N

Hanika HE Doubletop-N Special Price One Only

You might want to think about the string action with these guitars; they are not normally set up nearly as low as a flamenco guitar but this could be done on request.

Another alternative would be to consider the Hanika Flamenco ZF. This has the traditional flamenco woods – spruce and cypress (compared with the spruce and cherry of your Hanika Flamenco KF) – but it has a lattice soundboard.

Hanika Flamenco ZF

I hope this helps a little. Feel free to give me a call to talk about it. The links above are all to our other, newer site “Hanika Guitars UK” which we run alongside the updated version of Classical Guitars Plus.

Yours sincerely,
Nicholas Mahoney