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If Your Guitar Arrives Damaged

First – please accept our apologies. We check everything very carefully and photograph it before we pack it. We then pack it very carefully. However, accidents can happen

Second – Please be reassured that we will do everything we can to solve any problems you have.

Third – Damage may or may not be the result of courier error. However, we need to begin by assuming that the problem is courier error and this is because they only give us a limited time in which to make a claim. So, we have to follow the courier’s procedure immediately, even if it turns out later not to have been their fault.

Essential First Steps

  1. Keep all packaging materials
  2. Write down the date and time the guitar was delivered
  3. If the guitar shows signs of cracking, detune it to release the tension on the neck and soundboard
  4. Take photographs of the packaging and of the guitar, doing your best to get good pictures of any damage you can see
  5. Send an email (a) stating date and time of delivery (b) a full description of the problem (c) photographs as attachments


  1. Repack the guitar in its case and in the packaging we sent it in and keep it in a safe place
  2. We will contact you as soon as possible after we receive your email. We give priority to problems and if you have not heard from us within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) please phone as you email may not have got through.

As soon as we have read your email (and maybe consulted with the makers) we will contact you.

If you have to return the guitar to us – and please do not do so unless we have agreed in advance that this is the best course of action – please

  1. take photos of the guitar before you re-pack it, during packing and after packing – you may need these if the return courier loses the guitar
  2. pack the guitar in its case inside the original packaging; please make sure to place padding/soft material under the bottom and over the head of the case so that it has extra protection inside the outer box during its return journey
  3. if you are arranging the post/courier yourslef (and we will discuss this with you by email beforehand), please make sure to insure the guitar for its full value.

Any questions at any stage, please phone or email.