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Important Instructions when the Courier delivers your guitar

When the guitar is delivered –

  1. Please sign for it adding “CONTENTS NOT CHECKED” (or a translation of this if appropriate) to your signature
  2. If there is any sign of damage to the packaging please tell the delivery driver and take photos before you open the box
  3. Open the box carefully in case you need to reuse it
  4. Check the guitar carefully for any signs of damage in transit (we have checked it carefully and photographed it before packing). If you see any damage
    1. email or phone us immediately – it is a condition of the insurance that we report damage to them within 24 hours of delivery
    2. take photos of the damage and send these to us as an email attachment
    3. do not attempt to repair the damage
    4. put the guitar back in its case and the case inside the box it arrived in and keep all of these safe ready for inspection by the insurers.
  5. When we hear from you we will contact the courier to start a claim.

Damage in transit is very rare but it is important to be prepared!