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Making Your Strings Last

Every Guitarist knows that their instrument sounds great with new strings but quickly loses its sparkle. There are four main factors that influence string life:

  • string quality
  • personal hygiene
  • technique
  • frequency of playing

String quality and personal hygiene are the easiest factors to control. D’Addario Pro Arté Composites, Extended Play Coated, last two or three times longer than standard strings. They’re worth paying twice as much to preserve tonal response and avoid frequent string changes. Washing your hands before playing also has a major impact on string life. Dirty and sweaty mitts can kill fresh strings in mere minutes! Also, it is helpful to wipe your strings down with a micro fibres cloth. Micro fibre picks up sweat and oil better than any other fabric.

Poor technique, e.g., heavy finger pressure, causes rapid string and fret wear. A light touch–the least amount of pressure to hold the string down–is not only good for your strings and frets, but is better for your body and music.

Finally, the more you play, the faster you wear out your strings. That’s a fact of life. Live with it. However, the enjoyment of beautiful tone and wide dynamic response is worth a string change every month or even every week.

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