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Milestones of Music

Guitars made as a tribute to master luthiers of the last 250 years

Milestones of Music is an inspired project!!

“Inspired” in the colloquial sense that it was a great idea which has resulted in some magnificent instruments at very accessible prices.

Inspired too in the literal sense that each model of guitar Milestones makes follows closely the key features of great instruments made by the historical masters of the instrument.

You can start in the late classical period with The Romantica – a guitar which is based on the designs of Lacote.

Move on to Torres whose work through in the late nineteenth century took the early classical guitar and made the key innovations which underpin the majority of instruments made throughout the 20th and on into the 21st century.

Commissioned by Segovia, Hermann Hauser evolved the Torres design further – Milestones dedicates its Bavaria model to Hauser. Then there is the Espagna model which takes its inspiration and core design features from Jose Ramirez III. Ramirez took advantage of the newly available nylon strings to give the guitar a power and robustness it had never had with gut strings up until the second world war.

Move into the late 20th century and there is a double-top lattice braced tribute to the pioneer of this form Mattias Dammann – the Milestones Alegmagna model.

To round out the collection there is A flamenco guitar dedicated to Domngo Esteso.

You can buy a Milestones guitar because of its historical interest but once you have heard them and played them you will find that they are wonderful to have just as a beautiful sounding instrument . Excellent tone, projection, playability and intonation.

Milestones is a German-Chinese joint venture. It demonstrates the extraordinarily high standard that guitar lutherie has now reached in China. Even though it has only been making guitars since 2013, you can already find these instruments in the hands of many renowned performers and academics .