aLaska Pik Plastic Finger Picks

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Plastic Alaska Piks in various sizes for nylon string guitars.

Over the finger, under the nail. Sizes Small, Medium, Large, eXtra Large.

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The picks are available in 4 different sizes. To determine the correct size put your hand flat on a paper and draw the outline. Measure the width of each finger in the drawing near the widest point of the nail with a ruler.

  • less than or equal to 16mm – S
  • less than or equal to 18mm – M
  • less than or equal to 20mm – L
  • larger than 20mm – XL

This is the maker’s fitting chart.

aLaska Piks’s plastic picks can be manicured to a preferred length using clippers, files, etc. To manicure, place the pick securely over the finger and under the nail, decide the length required, then clip and file. For a side or the fingernail attack, remove plastic as in picture 1.

To match the curvature of the flesh under the nail, file on the backside of the picking surface (picture 2). This adds security. NOTE this should be done before chaning length.

To un-stiffen the pick, remove all or part of the pressure band (picture 3). For added comfort file smooth all uncomfortable edges.

If the pick slips out from under the nail while bending the finger it can be generously chamfered at the bottom (#4).

Some fingernails may need to be manicured for best fit, expecially the outer edges.

Only a minimum of your own nails is necessary to ensure a safe and secure fit but to ensure secure pick use, remove as little natural nail as possible with damage occurs.

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Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small