D’Addario EJ44LP, EJ45LP, EJ46LP Pro-Arte Composite Lightly-polished Classical Guitar Strings

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These D’Addario Pro-Arte Composite Lightly-polished Classical Guitar Strings have clear nylon trebles and lightly polished silver-wound basses with a composite multi-filament stranded core.

The lightly polished basses help to reduce finger noise for recording and amplified use.


As with all Pro Arté strings, the trebles are sorted by a sophisticated computer-controlled laser machine which performs diameter/tension measurements and quality checks to insure precise intonation.

Composites basses feature an exclusive multi-filament stranded core, which extends their life and improves their tuning consistency.

All Composite sets have 7 strings including one Composite and one nylon G3 string.

Available as Extra-hard, Hard and and Normal tension sets.

EJ44LP, EJ45LP and EJ46LP Diameter and Tension at pitch.

Set String Diam.
E1 0.711 6.94
B2 0.818 5.26
G3 1.024 5.49
G3 0.91 5.62
D4 0.69 6.30
A5 0.86 6.30
E6 1.09 6.49
E1 0.724 7.17
B2 0.831 5.44
G3 1.041 5.62
G3 0.94 5.94
D4 0.71 6.99
A5 0.89 7.35
E6 1.14 7.03
Extra Hard
E1 0.737 7.44
B2 0.846 5.67
G3 1.057 5.85
G3 0.97 6.21
D4 0.74 7.39
A5 0.89 7.35
E6 1.17 7.39

(647.7mm scale length used for tension measurements.)

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Tension and Whole/Part Set

EJ44LP Extra-hard Tension, EJ45LP Normal Tension, EJ46LP Hard Tension, Extra-hard Tension LCX-3B Set of 3 bass strings, Hard Tension LCH-3B Set of 3 bass strings, Normal Tension LCN-3B Set of 3 bass strings