Hanika BasisCut PC / BasisCut PF

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Florentine cutaway, 50mm neck width at the nut, and a slightly shallower body define this semi-crossover style guitar in the Hanika Studio Line.

“Absolutely delighted” Paul, Ireland

In other respects the BasisCut is very similar in design and materials to the 50 PC / 50 PF standard body classical model and there is a choice of spruce (BasisCut PF) and cedar (BasisCut PC) soundboards. This is important because other mid-price cutaway/crossover nylon string guitars available simply do not have the quality of tone that this guitar has.

Guitarist: Steve Yates. BasisCut PC

If you want the standard  BasisCut PC or BasisCut PF, just select the soundboard wood/model  and click ADD TO BASKET below. However, either version can be customised and built to your chosen specification as a special order. You can make this guitar even more of a “crossover” if that is what you need. A common configuration is to shrink the nut width to 48mm, give it a radiused fingerboard as well as a C-1 neck profile, and add a pickup, possibly with a second low saddle to complete the transformation. But you are free to pick and mix from the options available. To explore these options for customising a guitar to your own specification, please have a look at our companion site Hanika Guitars UK.

The guitar is sold without a case and you will see a  range of case options when you view your basket/cart.



The cutaway classical model from Hanika’s Studio Line. Armin Hanika’s approach is uncompromising – you can expect all the tonal and dynamic range of a standard classical guitar but with extended access to the upper registers, a slightly more accessible fingerboard, and a body which is slightly less prone to feedback when amplified at higher levels.

Soundboard Quality solid cedar Hanika BasisCut PC or solid spruce Hanika BasisCut PF
Soundboard bracing 5-fold, asymmetrical, flat
Back and sides Quality Rosewood
Neck Cedar reinforced with African blackwood
Fingerboard Ebony
Fret dots At positions 5 and 7
Soundhole rosette Wood veneer
Soundboard binding Mahogany
Back binding Mahogany
Front head plate Rosewood
Back head plate Rosewood
Bridge Rosewood, 6-hole tieblock
Nut and saddle material Bone
Saddle design Rearward sloping saddle to maintain intonation at different string action settings
Tuners / Machines heads Rubner R1 – white buttons and rollers, bushed mechanism for ultra-smooth operation
Soundboard finish Matt open-pore
Body finish Matt open-pore
Country of origin Germany
Case / bag Optional extra

The maker reserves the right to change specification without notice

Scale 650mm
Neck/Fingerboard width at nut 50mm
String spacing at nut 42mm
String spacing at bridge 59mm
Neck/Fingerboard width at 12th fret 62mm
Neck profile D-1mm
Number of frets 20
Overall length 1015mm
Body Length 490mm
Body depth at heel 84mm
Body depth at base 92mm
Width upper bout 282mm
Width lower bout 366mm
Width at waist 238mm
Weight 1.6kg

PLEASE NOTE: All measurements above are taken from a single guitar and because wood is a natural material they will very slightly from design specifications.

“I put new strings on the Hanika a few days ago, and they are now settled in to the point where I can provide an assessment. First–irrelevant to the strings–I have to reiterate that the guitar is gorgeous to look at. The simple matte finish brings out the beautiful tones in the woods, especially the striations in the cedar top, and the Florentine cutaway makes for a very elegant look in addition to providing access to the upper frets. As to the tone: I have long wanted a cutaway classical, since a number of the pieces I play call for access to the upper frets that is just about impossible with a conventional classical whose neck meets the body at the twelfth fret (indeed, I am myself to blame, since I made an arrangement of Rachmaninoff’s C-sharp minor prelude that calls for impossibly high barre chords), but I have always been dissatisfied with the models I sampled; all were weak in the bass due to the loss of soundboard in the cutaway. I decided to take a flyer on the Hanika PC based on reputation, and I’m glad I did: the sound is full and rich down to the lowest notes, and the high notes have that wonderfully smoky mezzo-soprano quality that the best cedar-topped guitars confer. This superb instrument will now become my main guitar, replacing in that capacity the Ramirez that has been my main guitar for the past twenty years. I cannot thank you enough for providing me with such a noble instrument, and it has been a pleasure doing business with you.” Robert, USA

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Soundboard Wood

Cedar BasisCut PC, Spruce BasisCut PF


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