Kling-On Stabilizer II for gloss finish guitars or for matte finish guitars or bowl-back period instruments

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The Kling-On stabilizer secures your guitar against your clothing and prevents sliding.

The first version is for gloss finish classical and flamenco guitars.

The second version is for matt, natural or satin finish guitars; and is also suitable for period or other bowl back instruments such as the Lute or Oud for which it was originally developed.

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  • Non-permanent, no adhesive
  • Protects finish from abrasive clothing material
  • For Classical, Flamenco and Acoustic Guitars
  • Newly designed wrap-around lower piece can also be used with guitar support devices
  • 2 piece set

For period or bowl-back instruments (such as Lute or Oud) as well as for guitars with a matte or natural finish, there is now a 2-piece set with a low adhesive strength. Fully tested by the maker’s son who is a doctoral graduate in early plucked string instruments at the University of Southern California.

Caution: only use on fully cured finishes 6 months or older. Always remove when not in use particularly when applying to nitrocellular based lacquer finishes.

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Gloss or Matte finish version

Suitable for Gloss Finish, Suitable for Matte and Natural Finishes


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