La Bella 2001 Series Classical Guitar Strings Concert Series

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La Bella 2001 Classical Guitar Strings (Concert Series) were developed to give more “response, clarity and sustaining power”.

The trebles are made from high density synthetic monofilament 202(TM) nylon.

The basses are silver plated wound on the same 202(TM) nylon.

Available in a range of tensions from light to extra hard –


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“Nylon 202TM strings have a superior sensitivity to the touch. They are extruded as a monofilament that will not fray [as can happen with multifilament properties carbon strings]…{they] produce a greater aural transparency and are also capable of extraordinary sound projection.”

“The new design for the wound bass strings … improved the ratio of wire exterior wound wrapping to the nylon filament core. Different from the composition of other strings, these basses produce a clearer and more sustaining tone.”

La Bella 2001 Classical Guitar Strings (Concert Series) are made in a range of tensions –

Light tension strings are particularly suitable for older and more delicate instruments or for those wanting less pressure on the fingers. “These minimum tension strings provide the maximum volume and tonal range with the least amount of stress on the guitar’s top, bridge and neck.”

“2001 Medium Tension strings are responsive and sensitive to the slightest left hand vibrato and subtle tonal changes produced by the right hand. They combine a high performance capability with a tremendous ease of playing.”

“2001 Medium Hard Tension strings … provide apower one would expect from a much higher tension string. .. brilliant sound and wide palette of tonal colors.”

The hard tension provide “superior strength and clarity of sound” typical of modern technique on contemporary instruments..

“2001 Extra Hard Tension strings are … perfectly balanced on all six strings, this set works well on shorter scale instruments. The silver-plated basses retain a lustrous timbre for a long playing time and do not have a thuddy or dull sonority. Both the nylon trebles and wound basses produce a greater volume from most instruments.”

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