La Bella 2001 Series Flamenco Guitar Strings Concert Series

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Flamenca Negra black nylon trebles give power, brilliance and a longer string life.

Silver-plated basses wound on nylon.

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2001 Series Flamenco Guitar Strings in Hard tension are designed for modern guitars played in a contemporary style. They are designed to have a bright and forceful tone and a true flamenco attack.

“The quintessential flamenco set, Flamenco 2001 Medium Tension strings produce a sound that is robust and luminous yet feel extremely flexible. Sensitive to the touch and responsive to the slightest change in tone or attack, these strings have a tremendous ease of playing that will appeal to most players.”

2001 Series Flamenco Guitar Strings in Light Tension are thought to create the most authentic flamenco sound. They are also recommended for older or very lightly constructed guitars.

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