Planet Waves NS Capo for Classical Flamenco+Acoustic/Electric Guitars

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The NS Capo comes in versions for classical/flamenco and acoustic/electric guitars.

Very low weight. Easy to fit. Buzz free performance.

The Classical Capo is designed to work with classical and flamenco guitars with a flat, wider fingerboard.

The acoustic version fits curved fingerboards – including curved fingerboards on nylon strung guitars (usually a special option on this type of guitar).

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  • Ultra-light aerospace-grade aluminium
  • One-hand operation
  • Fast micrometer screw assures perfect pressure for buzz-free, in tune performance at every fret
  • A patent-pending Ned Steinberger design.
  • Width of pressure bar approx 6cms in both cases

PLEASE NOTE: Some high quality instruments use nitro-cellulose finishes which are easily damaged when placed in contact with polymeric (plastic) materials. J. D’Addario & Company have tested this Capo extensively and found it to be safe on most guitars but we cannot guarantee that it will not react with some guitar finishes.

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Curved, Artists Classical Flat, Classical-Flat Lite, Classical-Flat


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