Rosette Diamond Secure Tieblock System Guitar String Ties

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Rosette’s third generation guitar string tying system for classical and nylon string folk guitars. Diamond Secure String Ties provide an advanced securing design while providing a low profile that many traditional guitarists prefer.

These supersede the Bridge Beads.

  • Eliminates string dings – no slipping strings
  • Cuts string changing time
  • Eliminates tie damage on bridge inlays
  • Adds the mechanics, convenience and safety of an 18- or 12-hole bridge to a 6-string bridge without drilling
  • Increases the string angle on the saddle for a better response and a brighter sound
  • Tie your strings away from the guitar
  • Adds a unique visual character to the bridge area.
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The String Ties come in two colours: black and ivory/white .

If in doubt about suitability, please phone.

CAD 3D designed for complete accuracy in size and shape. Made of laser sintered nylon with a 3D printed manufacturing process. All edges are rounded for best performance without string breakage. The beads are lightweight : less than 3 grams per set!

Each pack contains 7 Bridge Beads and complete instructions.

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Black-Ebony, Ivory-White