Rosette Zero Glide Nut System For Classical Guitar

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The Zero Glide Kit improves tuning, open string tone and playability.

The kit includes one Zero Glide Nut, 4 different fret heights. Plus 3M 150 sandpaper, and two grades of 3M Polishing cloth.

  • 52mm nut / neck width
  • fits 5mm or 6mm nut slot width
  • 42.5mm string spacing


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Rosette has Teamed Up with Wayne Rogers of Gold Tone Instruments, to produce new sizes of the Zero Glide Nut System for Classical Guitar. The Zero Fret design allows for near perfect action from the nut side of your guitar neck. The Zero Glide nut system allows for the lowest possible string action, with precise string height. Open position action is like playing with a capo.

We are on a mission. Too many older guitars have worn nuts caused by the sawing action of bass strings. In addition, it is very difficult to get accurate string height by filing slots into a fixed nut on a new guitar. There is so much discussion about saddle adjustment on classical guitars, but the nut is just as important for smooth playing. Once you have installed the Zero Glide Nut System, the tuning is incredibly smooth. Over 90% less nut friction, and there is improved consistency of tone. In some cases, you can actually lower your saddle by using a slightly higher fret option. This can really make the whole guitar neck easier to play on!

It takes more to create fine instruments than superior materials and components. It is the matching and seamless integration of these parts from top to bottom that distinguishes the great from the good. For a player, the moment begins when the string crosses the nut to emerge over the fingerboard. Any imperfections in the nut will influence the entire playing experience.

As the gateway to the fingerboard, the nut must hold each string securely, so that the point of vibration begins precisely at the forward edge of the nut, yet must allow for an easy glide of the string for optimal tuning. If it is too high, the string action will be raised leading to inaccurate vibration length when the string is fretted. Too low introduces a buzz. The Zero Glide Classical Guitar Nut allows you to find the perfect height and string spacing.

The kit includes one specially designed bone nut that shares the nut slot with a fret. Once you sand the nut to fit your slot, you can test various fret sizes to get the perfect action on your classical guitar. This whole process will take you less than one hour.

The Special Classical Guitar dimensions include a 52 mm length, standard 42.5 string spacing, and a slightly offset nut slot configuration to allow for more string spacing between the High E string and the edge of the finger board. Nut width is 5mm or 6 mm.

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