Savarez 540CJ New Cristal Classic

£11.42 incl. VAT

Savarez 540CJ – high tension.


Diameters Tension
mm inches Kg Pounds
Mi-E-1 0,750 0,295 8,96 19,71
Si-B-2 0,850 0,335 6,44 14,17
Sol-G-3 1,050 0,413 6,19 13,62
Ré-D-4 0,760 0,299 8,27 18,19
La-A-5 0,910 0,358 7,62 16,76
Mi-E-6 1,120 0,441 7,27 15,99


New Cristal trebles combined with HT Classic Basses.

New Cristal trebles are made with optimized nylon. They have a pure and bright tone and good intonation.

Unrectified so have a good feel, sound quality and playability.

Manufacturing techniques give a very accurate diameter and so excellent intonation.

HT classic wound, nylon-core basses have a bright and rich tone. Lots of projection, power and volume.

New winding methods give these basses a percussive quality.


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