Yamaha NTX3 NAT

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The Yamaha NTX3 is an acoustic-electric nylon-string guitar constructed with all solid woods. It is fitted with Yamaha’s Atmosfeel pickup/mic/pre-amp system which gives it an excellent amplified sound.

The guitar is for those who want a nylon string sound but are more used to playing an acoustic than a traditional classical guitar. Like a steel string acoustic, it has a 14th fret neck-to-body join, a neck which is 48mm wide at the nut, and a radiused/curved fingerboard. The guitar has a natural, high gloss finish.

At Classical Guitars Plus, all guitars are thoroughly checked and the set-up expertly adjusted as necessary before they leave here. In addition, we offer our very well received Custom Setup options for this guitar.

Complete with the excellent Yamaha semi-hard, fitted case.

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The NTX3 is built with  a

  • Solid Sitka spruce top, and
  • Solid walnut back and sides

Neither of which woods of which are under any environmental threat.

The Atmosfeel pickup system is said to give the guitar exceptional amplified sound at performance-level volumes and its design and construction limits the chance of feedback. It is fitted with  strap buttons.

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