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Returning a Guitar

If you are returning a guitar to us please follow these suggestions.

Please contact us before sending a guitar back so that we can agree the return.

To make sure the guitar arrives back here in the same condition as it leaves you –

  • Please send it back to us packed in the same case (or inner box), packing material and outer box that you received it in; if there are small tears in the outer box please tape these up.
  • De-tension guitar strings before putting the guitar in its case / inner box
  • If the guitar is a loose fit in its case / inner box then please pad it (particularly around the base and lower sides and the head)
  • Make sure the outside of the case/inner box is well padded in its vulnerable spots – its base and lower sides and its head
  • Tape up the outer box securely and mark it “fragile”

To make sure a claim against the courier’s insurance is successful if the guitar is lost or damaged by the courier when it is being returned to us –

  • take digital pictures of the guitar, the guitar in its case/inner box, the padding inside the outer box and the closed outer box
  • Keep these photos until you hear from us that the guitar has arrived safely
  • Get a signed and dated receipt from the driver when he takes the guitar from you. Keep this safe until you here from us that the guitar has reached us.

If the guitar is not in perfect condition when you are sending it, please take digital photos of the problems.

If you are arranging the courier yourself, please make sure to declare the guitar’s and the case’s full value and ask the courier for this value to be fully insured (the basic insurance offered by the courier may not be enough to cover the cost of the guitar). The responsibility for fully insuring the instrument rests with you if you are organising your own courier.

Please phone or email us to tell us you have sent the guitar and tell us the tracking information so we know to look out for it.