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Smaller-Sized Guitars – Choosing the right size

If you have a guitar teacher, please take their advice over anything you read here. They know you best!!

The makers of the La Mancha brand of smaller-sized guitars suggest 2 methods.

Their first is based on height. This is our extended and edited version of their method –

Age GirlsAge boysHeightSize of guitar (scale length)
Above average height 14 to adult14 to adultOver 169cmFull size 650mm scale
14 to adult12 to 15Between 164cm and 169cm630mm scale
11 to 1411 to 13Between 148cm and 163cm590mm scale
9 to 129 to 12Between 137 and 147cm530mm scale
Up to 9Up to 9Up to 136470mm scale

The second La Mancha method is based on length of arm. For this method you need to be with the guitar.

  1. Hold the guitar upright on the floor.
  2. Put your elbow on the body of the guitar with your arm running up alongside the neck
  3. Your wrist bone should be close to the second fret .
Size guitar by length of arm - 2. Size guitar by length of arm - 1.

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