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Friendly, efficient and reliable service

“I’ve spent three weeks with the Alhambra 9P now and having played it quite a lot, I must admit I love it. I’ve been learning the classical guitar on a 36 year old Alhambra 1C for about 6 years now. The old 1C is a nice guitar but I can’t believe the difference in sound between the two. The 9P feels lot nicer to play once you get used to the need for a much more positive and precise technique. The sound is so full, clear and bright whilst the volume and sustain is amazing. I’d tried the same model elsewhere before I ordered this one from you, but to hear it in my own home makes it sound even more pleasing. The action is nicely set and the overall feel of the guitar is superb. I spent quite a while searching for the best deal on this guitar and feel that I have certainly found that with you. Thank you. I look forward to many years of pleasure from this purchase and will not hesitate to return to your website for any future for the guitar. I have just one favour to ask. Could you possibly tell me what strings Alhambra use so I have a starting point when I need some new strings? I have a feeling I might need more than the usual D’Addario EJ45 strings for this guitar. Once again, thank you for your friendly, efficient and reliable service. I look forward to dealing with you again in the future.”
Yours sincerely, Rob Scragg 7/7/2009