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The love at the first sight

“Hi, Mr. Mahoney: the guitar, Esteve 7CE, has arrived to my home yesterday evening. The first feeling is very closely to the love at the first sight. Well, you know about the crazy relationship of musicians with their instruments; sometimes is almost sickly. I feel the sound of the Esteve 7CE guitar very sweet and warm, although, of course, the guitar must break it to give its sound, its mellow voice. This spanish is not my first spanish guitar,of course, it´s my fourth exactly but it´s in another superior level close to my Fender Stratocaster from ´79 and my telecaster´s 87 and my Lag acoustic. I´m very happy to deal with you, my intution was absolutely real about “classical guitars plus” ´cause you´re talking the musical language from the heart. Many thanks and I hope to play some good music with this guitar (and my others too, well) and you´ll be guilty mainly of this. I promise to send you a cd copy of my next cd new release. I really appreciate your work, thanks again. Best regards from Spain.
Pd.- The package was really safe and the hiscox case is absolutely strong and light twice, that it´s a good thing to carry the guitar in gigs. Wow!”
JJ Kind, Spain 15/09/2009