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Great customer service

“Courier arrived mid-morning Saturday with guitar [Liikanen K400C] in one piece. Thanks so much for the great customer service. The guitar is fantastic and far exceeds my expectations. It is such a pleasure to play on and the sound produced from the instrument is simply wonderful. Having only eally played cheap classical guitars in the past, it is such a delight to be playing such a wonderful instrument. The action seems perfect and I was so surprised at the quality of the instrument – seems so high for the price. I took a risk buying the instrument over the internet without ever seeing it or even playing another Liikanen, however I realise now I needn’t have worried. Only one criticism – no white dots on the frets!! I guess this is something I should get used to or if not I was thinking maybe I could tip-ex small dots on the side of the neck….. Again many thanks, I will be sure to use your services again in the future when the time comes. thanks”
Jon Hanks, 9/3/2008