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Typical CGP attention to detail!

thanks for letting me know it arrived safely. strings are knobloch high tension basses and normal/medium tension trebles. alternatives would be savarez cantiga alliance 510ARJ or corum alliance 500ARJ or even D’addario high tension dynacore basses SDH-3Band normal tension carbon trebles CBN-3T (D’addario sell the basses and trebles separately if you want mixed tension). N

On Fri, 4 Sep 2020 at 10:28

Hi Nick,

The guitar arrived safely this morning. It looks great! Beautifully packed of course, typical CGP attention to detail! It is now sitting comfortably in its case in my lounge getting used to the climate in its new home. I shall try it out this afternoon. Can you tell me what tension strings are customarily used on this model?

Thanks again,