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Thank you. Faultless service

“Feel free to publish the following on your website. Having recently bought a relatively expensive guitar unseen via the Internet [from another supplier] and been disappointed I was wary of making the same mistake twice. I need not have worried.

I spent some considerable time talking to Nick. A man with great patience who did not try and pressure me in to buying a particular instrument. I wanted a second guitar to play during lunch at work.

After much debate I decided on the Gropp in maple. Ordered by phone in the morning, with a confirmation email received in five minutes! The instrument arrived in Cumbria at 8.45 am the following day. Carefully packed and with other goodies to tempt me.

A truly lovely instrument. Understated with an easy action. Made with obvious care and passion.

Thank you. Faultless service”
Peter Sorton, February 2010