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These white chips when wet turn into glue!!!

“Received guitar early this morning. Its a lovely guitar,I let it get used to room temperature, then tuned it on opening the case. Slight fret -buzz from D string on 1st fret. Think its reducing as I play. Will monitor for couple of weeks to see how the neck settles. At the worst it will require only a thin sliver of card under the nut I think. But will wait and see. It seems the channel filed out of the nut for the D string seems deeper than the ones under the other strings, maybe that is it, but as I say, will not act till it settles completely. Will play it each day. It is a lovely looking guitar, it is well balanced on the knee, surprised to see 2 strap pins on a guitar like this, must have been made for a wondering minstrel in mind hehe! The fret board is very true all the way up, and very high barre chords still sound very much in tune. The harmonics are good, the action is lovely and low and easy to play. Even I can get a lovely sounding F chord (my Achilles heel!) so it must be good! We needed a camera as I unpacked it. What a palaver! As you know, the box is full of white bits that pose as polystyrene chips. HOWEVER!!!! they are not!!! I decided to be clever and open it and remove the guitar case from it whilst outside, due to past experience with the chips. What a nightmare!!!!!!!!! The ground was still damp from previous early morning rain. These white chips when wet turn into glue!!! They were stuck to my shoes and melting! and got on the utility carpet and door mat, the dogs feet, my sons shoes as he came running to help after my cries of disaster as I was stuck to the carpet! Oh my God! did I need a cup of tea after that! We finally got it off shoes and carpet, but not the flags outside yet. Phew!!!!!! It must be some sort of biodegradable new fangled stuff. I breathed a sigh of relief back indoors. Left guitar for couple of hours. Then opened the case. The stuff was in there too!!! I got it out as quick as I could in case it reacted with the lacquer on the guitar. All seems ok as the inside of the case was dry. But Im glad I didnt leave it closed for any length of time with the stuff in it. Just wanted you to know about this stuff.Its horrible! (Think the boxes should carry a warning about not getting the stuff wet) Anyway, alls well that ends well. Will keep you posted. Regards Sharron

Sharron Testo, Notts, 17th August 2006