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Yamaha Special Set-up


All guitars are thoroughly checked, played and set-up before they leave here. This Standard set-up service is included in the price of the guitar.

Special Set-Up

We also offer a Special Set-Up service for Yamaha nylon string guitars which gives improved tonal and dynamic range and a choice of string action.

  • We fit composite or carbon strings for a tone which is both bright and fullsome.
  • We fit Rosette Diamond Secure String Ties to the treble strings to improve the break angle and so increase volume and the quality of the tone.
  • We make up and fit a bone saddle with compensation to improve the intonation on the g3 string.
  • We re-set standard neck relief (if the guitar allows this) with the new strings fitted and, at this stage, adjust the saddle height to give a choice of string action. (String action is set +/-0.2mm; please note temperature and humidity changes affect string action; lower than standard action can cause unwanted string noise/buzz but this varies from guitar to guitar and player to player).
  • The “normal” string action for a classical guitar is 4.0/3.0mm (measured between the top of the 12th fret and the underside of the low, 6th and high, 1st strings respectively.
  • Some players prefer something a little easier/more comfortable and opt for string action somewhere between 3.5/2.6mm and the normal 4/3mm. The lower the action goes, the more likely the guitar is to buzz as the strings hit the frets as you play more loudly.
  • Flamenco guitars have a lower action – typically 3.0/2.2 or even less – but flamenco players have a very percussive style and often play in a noisy environment and so don’t mind some fret noise if they can have a lower action and so facilitate playing faster.

Please phone when ordering special set-up so we can discuss your requirements.

Please note – this service is only available when buying a Yamaha guitar from us (or if you send us a guitar which you previously bought from us (and you cover the shipping costs both ways).